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Certification Authority SIMOD-CA-Root



SIMoD-CA-Root (Slovenian Ministry of Defence Certification Authority Root) is a root Certificate Authority of the Public key Infrastructure of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia (SIMoD-PKI). SIMoD-CA-Root issues digital certificate to subordinate Certificate Authorities, Time Stamping Authorities and cross-certified Certificate Authorities. SIMoD-CA-Root does not issue digital certificates to end users.


SIMoD-PKI Management Board can approve issuance of the digital certificate of SIMoD-CA-Root to subjects or service providers others than subordinate Certificate Authorities, Time stamping Authorities or cross-certified Certificate Authorities, for example for gateway between Public Key Infrastructures.


SIMoD-CA-Root Certificate Practices Statement regulates the operation of SIMoD-CA-Root and describes how SIMoD-CA-Root  fulfils the requirements of SIMOD-PKI Certificate PolicySIMoD-CA-Root Certificate Practices Statement  is composed of public and confidential part.



SIMoD-CA-Root's self-signed certificate:


Digital certificate of SIMoD-CA-Root (import all of them into browser!)

1st Renewed Certificate

Serial Number

47C2 8BB0

Subject Key Identifier

466C 55D0 37DF 2AFA






From 7th February 2014 to 7th February 2026

Key Length

4096 bits

Signature Algorithm


SHA-1 Fingerprint

B66A B790 FE9E 7C29 5B6B A3BD 0990 FDFF D35E C9F5

Digital certificate

in DER format (for importing into browser)
in PEM encoded DER format
in text format



SIMoD-CA-Root publishes revoked digital certificates of subordinate CAs and revoked cross-certificates in the Certificate Revocation List (CRL):

Certificate Revocation List of SIMoD-CA-Root

Signed with 1st renewed certificate

 in DER format  (for importing into browser)
 in PEM encoded DER format
 in text format